National Oregon/California Trail Center in Montpelier Idaho

Experience the Trail

"Travelin' West" Interperative Exhibits

We put you in the action!

You become part of a pioneer wagon company headed West

so get ready to take a 2,000 mile journey along the

Oregon/California Trail - in just one hour!

A pioneer girl holding a lantern
Inside view of wagon encampment re-enactment area
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Traveling West Interpretive Exhibits
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1. Experience a  simulated  pioneer trek along the Oregon Trail
2. Buy provisions at a gun shop and merchantile store
3. Be guided by our wagon master and live pioneer actors in period costume
4. Ride in a computer-simulated covered wagon
5. Sit around a campfire within a pioneer wagon encampment
6. Learn about Oregon Trail pioneer folkways
Do all this in the comfort of our spacious Trail Center.

Our wagon master and pioneer actors will greet you as you embark on your imaginary journey into the pioneer era of 1842-1869.


"Do you all have the necessary provisions before we get started?", the wagon master asks. Instead of modern day cameras and walking shoes, he'll want his pioneers to think with historical focus.  For this journey will require a strong wagon, four to six oxen, two sets of clothes, a milk cow and chickens, shotgun or rifle, axle grease, candles, a butter churn. As emigrants traveling the trail you'll need such food supplies as flour, bacon, beans, coffee, hardtack, vinegar, and yeast powder.  To survive you must take six months' worth of supplies.

Before your trek, you'll stop at a gun shop and merchantile store to learn what supplies you need to stock your wagon. From this unique experience you will learn and feel what it must have been like to be a pioneer emigrant traveling the long and dusty trail to Oregon or California.  You'll make life and death decisions regarding your survivability on the trail.

The Mercantile in the Trail Center
Inside of the Mercantile
You'll purchase your supplies for your trek west -
here in our merchantile store re-enactment area

The wagonmaster teaching a family

Our wagonmaster will help you select what to take

on your wagon trek West.  He'll help you avoid many difficulties and dangers.


Pioneer actors singing

Enjoying a song in front of the Merchantile before the journey


Covered Wagona and supplies

You'll see how supplies are loaded into wagons for

you western journey


Guides teach and entertain visitors

Our pioneer and wagon master guides will entertain and inform
you about life on the trail.

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A pioneer camp replica

Our in-door interpretive set of a wagon circle at night

will take you back into history as you listen to sounds and stories around a simulated campfire.
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Blacksmith' wagon and equipment
Blacksmith's wagon in the Clover Creek Encampment 
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Camp replica with scenic murals

Our interpretive sets were created with historical authenticty

to make your simulated trek along the Oregon/California Trail

a fun, educational experience.
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