National Oregon/California Trail Center in Montpelier Idaho

Your Guides & Pioneers

Your pioneer guides are experienced in the ways of the trail and will help you on your journey west.   Each will share many stories and experiences of life on the trail.

Brittany Cook

BRITTANY COOK – Brittany Cook has worked for the Trail Center for 6 years now.  Brittany brings a special spirit to the center as she loves to greet each and every guest.  Brittany always has a ready smile and hug just when you need it.  She loves serving the coffee and muffins.

Cindy Raymond CINDY RAYMOND – Cindy is the heart and soul of the center.  She is also why the Trail Center always looks so great!  Cindy has had over 20 years experience in retail.  She is our head decorator and gift shop manager. 
Lee Wright LEE WRIGHT – Lee is one of the great volunteers that spend their extra time greeting guests, answering questions and generally having fun with our guests.  Lee is a local from Georgetown and an Bear Lake Pioneer.
Dianne Johnson DIANNE JOHNSON – Diane hails from Florida and moved to Bear Lake several years ago.  Diane is also a part of the Oregon Trail Center Auxiliary.  Dian volunteers her spare time at the center greeting guests and answering questions.  Diane loves animals and has horses, cats and dogs.
Loretta Smith LORETTA SMITH – Loretta is the joy and sunshine of our facility.  Loretta has worked for the Center for six years.  She came onboard with her mother at the tender age of 11 years old.  Loretta is one of the Living History Re-enactors that guide you along the Oregon Trail.  Loretta’s perspective of the trail is unique in that she traveled 681 miles by wagon train in 2001. 
Becky Smith BECKY SMITH -   Becky is the Executive Director of the Trail Center.  She started out as a Living History Re-enactor seven years ago.  Becky enjoys history and people. 
Dick Hunzeker

DICK HUNZEKER – Dick is one of the Wagon Masters that take you west when you take the Living History Tour.  Dick’s hobby is history.  If you want to know anything about the Oregon Trail or the Westward Migration Dick can tell you about it.

Destiny Hunzeker DESTINY HUNZEKER – Destiny is one of the original Living History Re-enactors.  Destiny has been Mrs. Adams since 1999 when the Living History Tour opened.  Destiny has a beautiful singing voice.  She provides beautiful music along the trail.
Jeff Trevitz JEFF TREVITZ – AKA CAMP COOKIE – Jeff originally hails from South Florida.  He has over thirty seven years of experience in the restaurant business and is head chef for the Scenic Trails Chuck Wagon catering facility.  Jeff’s Scenic Trails Chuck Wagon is the only place on the Oregon Trail that you can get a prime rib you can cut with a spoon. 
Jim Keetch JIM KEETCH – Jim is one of Wagon Masters that you will meet along the Oregon Trail.  Traveling the Oregon Trail with Jim is quite an experience.  You will often times hear him get after his emigrants and tell them “yr burnin’ daylight!”  Jim was a public servant for over 30 years and has wonderful people skills.
Dave Higgley

DAVE HIGGLEY – Dave is also a Wagon Master that guides emigrants west.  True to the Wagon Master tradition, Dave takes special care of the emigrants that trust their lives to him on the Oregon Trail.  He always brings them back alive, although somewhat altered!!!

Jill Wright

JILL WRIGHT – Jill is often found all over the Oregon Trail Center.  She is a hand in the Scenic Trails Chuck Wagon, cashier in the gift shop and is one of the “Oregon Trail Quilters”.  Jill has quilted the raffle quilt for the center for the past three years.  You may even see Jill in the Clover Creek Encampment guiding emigrants west.

Kristy Roberts at the Oregon Trail Center

KRISTY ROBERTS - Kristy is a life long resident of the Bear Lake Valley. She has traveled extensively in her earlier years and now works at the Bear Lake Memorial Hospital as well as at the National Oregon/California Trail Center.  When you visit the center you will notice that the facility looks brand new even though it is over seventeen years old. 

Many Trip Advisor reports talk about the five star bathrooms at the Oregon Trail Center, and that is due to Kristy's great housekeeping skills.


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