Maria Parsons Belshaw, 1853

Maria and George Bleshaw of Indiana, were like thousands of other American families who made the epic overland journey to establish a new life in the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon.

July 19: “Came to Thomas Fork at noon – good feed here. . . we came to the spur of the mountain as the guide calls it . . . We were all afternoon going up and coming down. A spring on the mountain to left of road. Traveled down the valley till noon. Camped 50 rods from River, one mile from the road to left. Good feed. Traveled 22 miles.”

July 20: “ Traveled down the valley, the river and mountains on the left a portion of the valley and green covered mountains on right. . . . Good level roads cool day. The sick better. Passed 2 dead cattle 1/2 mile from road one mile from river. . . .”