Polly Coon, 1852

July 18: “ . . . reached Bear river valley tonight & and camped one half mile from Smiths fork. We were visited by Indians of the darkest hue of any I have ever seen.

July 22: Camped about 10 o’ clock on Bear river for the purpose of lying over for a few days to rest our cattle who are very much jaded. Mr. Fleming one of our Co. lost a very nice ox last night . . .

July 26: Left our camp on bear river very much recruited both ourselves & teams, & passed on to Thomas’ Fork.

July 28: Reached “Soda or Beer Springs” and camped near them. Several of us visited them. They were a great curiosity.”

– Covered Wagon Women: Diaries and Letters from the Western Trails, 1852. THE OREGON TRAIL.