National Oregon/California Trail Center in Montpelier Idaho

Oregon Trail Paintings

- See 44 Unique Works of Art That Visually Portray the Pioneer Story

The Simplot Art Collection of the Oregon Trail,
by Gary Stone

Art Gallery at the Oregon Trail Center in Montpelier IdahoThe Simplot Art Collection of the Oregon Trail, created by artist Gary Stone is a unique portrayal of the trail experience. This artistic panorama of the emigration that took place along the Oregon/California Trail was created as a tribute to the ordinary individuals who trekked the trails westward to settle a new land. Mr. Stone created his lively paintings while actually traveling the pioneer trails across Idaho and parts of the neighboring states  His inspiration is based on emigrant diaries and journals describing the actual areas he painted.

These colorful paintings are truely a unique interpretation of life along the trail. Each painting is full of detail and visually portrays stories of pioneer struggles, challenges, entertainment and tragedies. One could spend hours with the paintings studying the figures dressed in period garb performing everyday activities.

The exhibit at The National Oregon/California Trail Center covers an entire wall of 44 acrylic paintings. Entrance to the Simplot Art Collection of the Oregon Trail is included with a purchase of a tour ticket.

For more information on Gary and Bev Stone, click here to visit their website.

This exhibit is a generous gift of Jack and Esther Simplot
Please do not use them without permission from them

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